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The Cremation Process for Pets

This is a written and photographical guide to the cremation as performed by Hinsdale Animal Cemetery & Crematory. The information contained within pertains to how we conduct cremation services. If you are not using us for your pet's after-care, please thoroughly inspect the facilities you or your veterinarian intend to use since most pet cremation facilities do not perform cremations with this level of care.

Included Convenience Urn
Included Convenience Urn
This urn is intended as a storage container, not a display urn. It is the same container widely used in the human cremation industry. Cremated remains are sealed inside a plastic bag, just as with other urns for ease of transfer and security of storage. This plastic urn may also be used for burial of cremated remains.

*** If a display urn is desired, please select one while at the Crematory, choose one here on our website, or ask to see the Clinic’s Urn Catalog Book ***


Proper Identification
Proper Identification
Your pet will be properly identified by us or one of our veterinary partners at all times. Furthermore, a chain of custody will be established throughout the removal, cremation, and returns processes. The method of identification we use is color-coded card stock tags in conjunction with carbon paper authorization forms containing all necessary information regarding your pet. While decidedly low tech, this system allows us to identify your pet by name and description rather than an impersonal tracking number. Since we give each pet our personal care and attention, this system has worked flawlessly.


1) Viewing Room
Viewing Room
In this room, you may take time to say goodbye to your beloved pet in private.

You will be able to witness any portion of the cremation process that you are comfortable with, but are not obligated to do so. Please let us know if you have any special requests or considerations.

The same care is taken with your pet if you choose not to view the cremation or are having your pet cremated by us through your veterinarian.


2) Our Cremation Units

Our Cremation UnitsWe use the same type of equipment that is used for the cremation of humans. These cremation units are ideal for single-pet private cremations. The Power Pak II is the most popular cremation unit in the country. The Power Pak Jr. is simply a smaller version of the Power Pak II intended for pet cremation.


3) Preparing for Cremation

An empty cremation chamber In order to begin the cremation, the unit must be pre-heated to a temperature mandated by the state. If your pet’s cremation is not the first of the day, this preheating will have already taken place.
The inside of the cremation unit will have been thoroughly swept out with no fewer than two different steel brushes before your pet’s cremation begins.


4) Placement of Your Pet into the Cremation Unit

A cremation container properly placed in the unitYour pet will be placed into the cremation unit, taking all possible care to do so with reverence and dignity.

Your pet may be placed into the unit in a container, or as is, whatever circumstance dictates.

Those with later viewing appointments may see combustion begin immediately despite our best efforts to cool down the cremation unit. If this is a possibility, you will be advised by our staff.


5) The Cremation Process Begins
Cremation Process Begins
Immediately following your pet’s placement into the cremation unit, the door to the unit will be closed. It will be necessary for our staff to monitor the cremation for several minutes.

If you are present for the cremation, someone will check on you to see if you have questions or if there is anything we can help you with shortly after the cremation process begins.


6) Cremation in Process

Cremation in Process (photo intentionally distorted for sensitivity)From time to time, one of our operators may open the door to the cremation unit in order to check on the cremation process. It may be necessary for the operator to make adjustments to your pet’s remains so as to ensure complete and expedient combustion. This portion may be difficult for some to witness.


7) End of The Process

A demonstration of a cremation unit being swept outOnce the cremation is complete, your pet’s cremated remains will be thoroughly swept out of the cremation unit A cremation nearing completionusing no fewer than two different stainless steel brushes. Doing so ensures that all of the recoverable cremated remains are retrieved from the unit.


8) Cooling and Processing

Cooling and ProcessingAs soon as the cremation burner is turned off, the cooling process begins. It continues as the cremated remains are swept into the aluminum cooling hopper you see at the bottom of the cremation unit. After the hopper spends some time on a cooling rack (up to 20 minutes for large pets), the cremated remains are spread on a tray attached to our cremated remains processor. This processor is the same model that is used in the human funeral industry. At this point, anything that may damage our processing equipment, i.e. surgical plates or screws, are separated from the cremated remains. They can be returned to you if requested prior to the cremation.


9) Processing and Packaging

Processing and PackagingUsing a human cremated remains processor, the brittle cremated remains are reduced to a fine powder for placement into an urn and/or cremation jewelry and keepsakes. We use a soft brush in between steps to ensure that all of your pet’s cremated remains come through the process together. No matter the type of urn used, we always seal the cremated remains in a plastic bag and identify them with a completed sticker. Processing remains in this way allows for the remains to be scattered if desired and for easier placement in the urn.



Memorial (Communal) Cremation

Memorial CremationOur memorial cremation is a dignified and reverent manner of disposition for those who may not wish to receive their pets cremated remains back. In this process, several pets are cremated together and the resulting cremated remains are scattered over cemetery grounds. It is not possible to tell specifically where any particular pet is scattered, as we use the whole cemetery as a memorial scattering garden and aim to evenly distribute these cremated remains over the grounds. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this process. If your pet has already been cremated and you would like to inquire as to the specific date of cremation and the general area of scattering, please feel free to call us at (630) 323-5120 during normal business hours. We encourage visitation 365 days a year, daylight hours. Please visit us when you feel the time is right. Visiting the beautiful cemetery grounds where your pet’s cremated remains have been interred can be a tremendously comforting experience.

You are always welcome here.


About Us

Hinsdale Animal Cemetery and Crematory is the most trusted and emulated pet crematory in Chicagoland and one of the most respected pet after-death care facilities in the nation. We have been in business since 1926 as a pet cemetery and owned by the Remkus family for nearly 60 years. Since the early nineties we have been performing cremation to the highest standards in the industry. We welcome all inquiries, inspections, and visitors. We are one of the only cremation services offered through local veterinary practices that is open to the public. Once you see how pets are taken care of here, you will not be comfortable sending your pet or pets anywhere else. If you experience the loss of a pet, please let us know how we can help.

The Remkus Family & Staff of Hinsdale Animal Cemetery and Crematory
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