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  1. Beatrice   2010-2014

    Mama, you will always be missed and loved dearly.

    Loved by Christine and Michael.   
  2. Molly   1996-2011

    Molly loved attention and was a sweet girl. She would give you lots of love and liked to play. She was her momma's baby girl and a special girl. She lived a long and fun life. She also loved to give lots of kisses. She will always have a special place in my heart. She will forever leave paw prints on my heart. Molly we will always miss you baby girl.

    Loved by Mary and family.   
  3. Loco   2008-2014

    From the first time I lied my eyes on you I feel in love, you were my present for my 15th birthday and you were the best gift I could ever get, Me and you were always together, I will miss everything about you, your loud barks, the sound of your long nails hitting our hard wood floors, and you loved to cuddled you were my little heater, and those lazy sunny days where all you wanted to do was lay out and tan your gorgeous dark brown fur. But most of all I will miss all your attention you gave us, your protective instinct towards your family members, and your unconditional love. You were truly my first love and you will forever be in my heart. We have lots of great memories together. I will forever miss you and no one else can take your place I LOVE YOU! See you soon baby....

    Loved by Luna Family.   
  4. Sophie   2000-2014

    You were found on the side of the road one wintry morning, a moving ball of snow. No one knew where you came from. No one claimed you as their own.
    A friend's mother driving by found you, dried you off and took you home.
    When she unexpectedly passed on, she made sure you found another loving home. She made sure it was us.
    When we picked you up, you jumped right in the car and did not look back.
    You loved us unconditionally. You made us laugh. You were always there for us through thick and thin. You had the cutest underbite and sometimes your tongue stuck out too. You were our Sophie and we loved you.
    Thank you for all the love, the joy, and even the noisy barks. We look forward to seeing you again and will always love you with all of our hearts.

    Loved by Beth, Wayne, Josie, and Jacob.   
  5. gizmo   2000-2014

    Gizmo was more then a pet,he was family. Gizmo loved everyone and other pets that he knew. He would always be waiting for us when we came home and lay on us so we would never leave him alone. It was hard to say good bye...he is going to be forever in our hearts...your not suffering anymore. Now your with daddy..R.I.P love and miss you Gizmo..

    Loved by loved by everyone that came into his life.   
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