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  1. Shadow Dolce   2006-2014

    To the love of our lives Shadow who left us this morning peacefully in her sleep. Our hearts are heavy but we know that Shadow has no pain and will make the stars shine brighter. Sleep tight sugarbear, you will always be in our dreams.

    Loved by Mommy, Daddy, & Brother.   Cared for by Dr. Gallagher.
  2. Heidi Dolce   2006-2014

    Heidi was a wonderful addition to our family. She protected all of us 24-7 every day of the year and gave us lots and lots of lovin.' We will forever love and miss her deeply and never ever forget her. Rest well love!

    Loved by Mommy, Daddy, & Brother.   Cared for by Dr. Gallagher.
  3. Luke   2000-2014

    Our beautiful dog was so much more than a family pet, he was my best friend and will be missed always. It comforts me to know he is resting with other loved furry friends. Sleep in peace my Pookie Luke. We love you so much and thank you for your love and protection for the past 13 1/2 years.

    Loved by Carol, Jim, Melissa and Matthew.   
  4. Bailey Beans   2012-2014

    Bailey aka Bailey Beans was the best Hamster we could ever hope for. She was adorable, sweet and funny. We are going to miss walking into the room and seeing you sitting there with your little tiny paws and the noise of you running in your wheel. We love you so much Bailey, you have brought so much Joy and happiness into our life and we will never forget you!

    Loved by Alexis & Shannon, Friends & Family.   
  5. Minnie Gattas   2006-2014

    In many ways, this special little girl was more angel than cat. She rescued me from a depression that I thought would never end. From the moment that I met her, I knew I would love her for the rest of her life and, truthfully, the rest of mine as well. The time we had was short but, in that time, I became the proud dad of a very beautiful, intelligent, and loving little feline girl. I will forever miss her and the hole she has left in my heart can never be filled. I could no longer be selfish. I did not want her to suffer just so she could stay with me. I knew that I had to let her go. My days are much more lonely and my nights do not feel the same without my baby girl but I know that she is in God's hands now. I only hope to see her again one day. I love you little momma.

    Loved by Daniela, Aurora, and Ken Gattas.   Cared for by Dr. Meg Sullivan.
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