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  1. Maggie   1998-2014

    Maggie, you were the cutest and best behaved dog ever. You were with me through some tough times and I was with you through your tough times. There are no words to express how empty the house is without you in it. Love and miss you always.

    Loved by Pam, Chuck, Brian, Mark, Lisa, Kaila, Kyle & Brooke.   Cared for by Dr. Ben Wellbourn.
  2. Tyson   2003-2014

    Tyson, I am so sad our time together has ended. Since you were 8 weeks old I've had you by my side. You've helped me get through a lot of hard times & were a part of some great memories. Jace is lost without you & my heart breaks not being able to hug & kiss you. Cori knows you're in heaven but cries for you. We all want you back. The house is quiet without you squeaking your ball & lonely now that you're not laying next to me. Things will never be the same. Never have I ever met such an amazing dog! You are truly my very best friend. Thank you for loving me! I wish you were here to kiss away my tears. Rest in paradise my sweet boy

    Loved by Mom, Cori(human sister), Jace(furry brother) &everyone who was lucky enough to have you in.   
  3. LILO   2012-2014

    My baby lilo was a month when I got her home and since the first day me and my husband saw her we knew she was ours. We both love her so much and miss her and now she's in a better place we tried everything we could but we know it's not our fault and we did everything possible. we love you LILO and we miss you so much at night when you would wake up and scream "MA" just to check if I was next to you sleeping. We love you and miss you very much and always will. <3.LILO.S2

    Loved by Yessica and Enrique.   
  4. Coco   1996-2011

    We lost Coco January 15, 2011. After almost 16 years, he was an irreplaceable part of my life., a seemingly permanent fixture in our home. The constant putter patter of his paws, or his audible sniffing. He was a tiny puffball of fur with two eyes and a nose. I remember taking a picture of him to my kindergarten class and later showing him to a friend on my first day of college.
    His loss was sudden and incredibly painful for us. I could only take solace in the fact that he had a long and fruitful life.

    Loved by Yesenia Rodriguez.   
  5. Ebony   1995-2013

    I still remember when you were a little black poof ball with legs and a face. How playful you were, playing "tag" with us through the house. Your unparalleled kindness, your affection. How easily you adopted "Ashes" when she was abandon at our door, how you tolerated then grew to love that "Axel" (the dog). How well you took care of them, how you watched over and took care of us all. I still cant imagine that you wont be perched on the couch to welcome me home anymore, but I'm grateful you were able to pass peacefully at home in the arms of those who loved and forever will love you. RIP my sweet girl, we love you so much and will miss you always.

    Loved by Maria (mom), Anna, & Jasmine.   
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