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  1. Sylvio   1998-2013

    Sylvio will be missed. He was aloving cat,he loved my husband,they were best friends. He loved to chase water bottle caps around the floor in the middle of the night. We will miss you.

    Loved by The Ingles Family.   
  2. Bonnie   2002-2013

    Our Baby girl Bonnie has joined her brother Clyde, just 1 week 6 days later. She was a wonderful girl, she loved to watch everything outside. Loved to lay with her brother Clyde. She was a jumper, Loved to lay around the pool, get under the cover and lay with me . She will be missed sooo much. I hope you and Clyde are enjoy being together again. Until I see you again, I Love You and Will Miss you until we meet again. RIP Bonnie Masters

    Loved by Momma, Marty and Family & Friends.   Cared for by Dr. Weiss.
  3. Clyde Masters   2002-2013

    Clyde was the sweetest and so Loyal , he was my companion for 11 years and 9 month. He loved to get in our swimming pool just the first step and get wet and get out and sit my me, then get in again. He loved getting on the pillow (any pillow and just watching us and follow me everywhere. His sister Bonnie is wondering where he is, but he will always be with us. We will Never forget you and your sweet face. We Love you and will see you in heaven. Miss You and Love You . H

    Loved by Marty, Momma and Bonnie and All Family and Friends.   Cared for by Dr. Hause.
  4. Mattie   2005-2013

    Mattie, You were the joy of our every day and minute. The love and happiness you gave us each day you shared with us cant be replaced. We will always carry you in our hearts and you will be greatly missed, Our little Mattiemut.

    Loved by Galvan, Berry and Friends.   Cared for by Dr. Jaclyn Smith.
  5. Sara   2000-2013

    Sara, you came to us as a pup, rescued from an abusive owner, and quickly became a member of our Family. You treated my children as if they were your own, herding them back towards the house when you didn't want them to go to the back side of the yard, always keeping watch over the kids when they went outside. We love you Sara and will never forget you

    Loved by Mom. Dad, Leah, Vicki, and Josh.   
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