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  1. Peaches   1995-2014

    Tonight my favorite cat Peaches passed away. You were found in a paper bag with your sister by a friend down the street. She told me to pick one and I picked you. I am glad I picked you. Your were such a sweet and talkative cat . You meowed all the time especially when you wanted attention and when you wanted that special food you liked. I am going to miss my noisy cat. It's going to be too quiet around here. I am glad I got to have you in my life for 19 years. You will be forever loved in our hearts. Gone but not forgotten !! R. I. P. Peaches (11-14-14 )

    Loved by Marianne (mama), Joseph (dada) , Mittens , Lil Destiny and Bella.   Cared for by Dr. Friederich.
  2. Dezi   2010-2014

    We rescued Dezi in 2010. He was very sweet but shy and reserved. We opened our home and he very quickly held our hearts. He became very vocal, telling us stories when we returned home from work. Always getting into trouble by climbing everything and stealing dinner. He was a character but such a lovebug. Hed often fall asleep cuddled on our laps, wake us with nose kisses, and gently paw at us when he needed something. He will forever be missed and always have our hearts

    Loved by Ann and Anna.   
  3. Zen   2000-2014

    Zen, you were the best boy ever! You gave us unconditional love, understanding, and companionship. We miss you always greeting us at the door, following us around, walking under our feet while we are sitting so we can rub your back! We will never forget you and will carry your memory with us forever. Run fast, free and happy in that special place.

    Loved by Marcia, Greg, Kim, Colin, Jerry, Keeper and Ron.   
  4. Dezi   2010-2014

    When we rescued Dezi he was a very shy cat who avoided human interaction. Within a month of rescue and with lots of love and care, Dezi became the sweetest and most loving cat. He would wait for the door for us to come home, tell us stories through his meows, cuddle always, and was notrious for stealing our food while we were trying to eat. He was full of life and love. We are so blessed we were able to make his final years full of the love he so despertly deserved. Dezi, always and forever baby boy. We love you to the moon and back.

    Loved by Ann and Anna.   
  5. Tyler Nelson   1997-2014

    After fighting back from being diagnosed with advanced kidney disease in November of 2013, our little girl Tyler experienced a wonderful turnaround and enjoyed a rich, happy final year of life. She loved to sleep under covers, to take naps outside on the deck in the summer sun, and be hand-fed. We will always remember her as the most loving, sweetest little girl we have ever known. We will always love our baby.

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