We offer burial in our cemetery with a variety of options. Your pet can be buried in a plain wooden box or a pet casket. Prices depend on the size of your pet and the type of casket or box you choose. With all of our burial options, an annual maintenance fee is required to be paid, or you can opt for a one-time payment of Perpetual Care.

Pine Box

Our most popular and economical option, the standard pine box has been the casket of choice at our cemetery for decades. This all natural casket provides a dignified way to bury your beloved pet while ensuring that your pets remains return to the earth. Please contact our office for pricing.

Hoegh Deluxe

Hoegh Deluxe caskets are among the most durable and affordable in the the industry. Your pet’s remains will be protected from the elements by a double walled polyethylene casket shell that is sealed to make the casket practically air and water tight. The interior of the casket features a pillow and combination liner-pad. Hoegh Caskets may be purchased online and shipped anywhere in the United States. Please contact our office for pricing.