If a pet owner chooses not to opt for private cremation, they may choose our group Memorial Cremation. With this type of cremation, several pets are cremated together, and the resulting ashes are then scattered on the cemetery grounds. Although we would not be able to point out their pet’s exact scattering area, owners are welcome to come and visit the cemetery if they wish. Please be aware that no ashes are returned when Memorial Cremation is chosen.

Minimum transportation charges for picking up and/or dropping off is $45 each way and varies by distance traveled. If your Veterinarian uses our cremation service, the pick up and return are included in the price they quote you. Prices by pet’s weight:

Pet’s Weight Price
under 2 lbs $40
3-20 lbs $70
21-40 lbs $80
41-60 lbs $90
61-80 lbs $100
81-100 lbs $120
101-125 lbs $140
126-150 lbs $145
151+ lbs $145 plus a surcharge of $1.00/lb