Private Cremation

Losing a pet is hard enough without having to wonder whether your actual pet will be returned to you. You can rest assured that when we perform a private cremation, only one pet at a time is placed in our pet crematory. All of your pet’s ashes, and only your pet’s ashes, are returned to you. This is the most important aspect of pet cremation we hear from pet owners and is our highest quality assurance. We use a specific Identification process to ensure your animal companion is identified from the moment he or she is entrusted in our care. We ensure that your pet is not co-mingled with other animals when you choose Private Cremation. Each pet is placed in the urn of your choice to be returned to you.

Attended Private Cremation

Some families feel more comfortable viewing their pet’s cremation process. If you and your family choose, you are welcome to be present for the private cremation of your beloved pet. While attending the cremation, your family is allowed and encouraged to watch as much (or as little) of the cremation process in which you are comfortable.

We need to schedule an appointment time to ensure you have enough time with your pet before the cremation begins. During your arrangement conference, just let us know you would like to be present and we will make arrangements with you.